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Fabio J Guzmán Ariza

Fabio J Guzmán Ariza

Guzmán Ariza

Fabio J. Guzmán-Ariza is one of the foremost practitioners in the Dominican Republic in real estate law, and has published, in addition to numerous articles on the subject in legal journals, an annotated version of the Dominican real estate statute: Ley 108-05 de registro inmobiliario, comentada, anotada y concordada con sus reglamentos, as well as the most up-to-date compendium of real estate case law, Repertorio de la jurisprudencia civil, comercial e inmobiliaria de la República Dominicana. He’s presently preparing a new book on real estate statutes, titled Ley No. 108-05 de Registro Inmobiliario, con sus modificaciones, reglamentos y normas complementarias, concordados e indexados, which will be published in November 2018.

Mr. Guzmán Ariza is also the leading authority in the country in the field of condominium law and has published an annotated version of the Dominican condominium statute: Ley 5038 de 1958 sobre condominios, comentada, anotada y concordada con la ley 108-05 de registro inmobiliario, con su formulario. He lectures nationally on real estate law matters and has served as an expert on the subject in the United States and Europe.

Mr. Guzmán Ariza has practiced real estate law for thirty-seven years, and tourism-related real estate law since the early 1980’s when tourism development began in the Dominican Republic, a specialty of which he is considered a pioneer.  During his career, he has handled thousands of real estate transactions, from the simplest to the most complex everywhere in the Dominican Republic. As the overall head of the Guzmán Ariza real estate department and Managing Partner of the firm, he plays an active role in the planning and supervision of major transactions.

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