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Devinder Singh Rawat

Devinder Singh Rawat

Anand and Anand

Devinder Singh Rawat is a director at Anand and Anand, and is involved in patent prosecution and other patent services. He is one of the leading members of the technical team to assist the legal team in complex pharmaceutical and life science patent litigation matters.

He has been instrumental in providing technical insights and critical reviews of the subject matter of cases before various judicial and quasi-judicial forums in India, such as the High Court and IPAB.

Mr Singh Rawat graduated from Delhi University in Chemistry (H), then completed a master’s degree in biotechnology at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Inquisitiveness and a rationale-seeking mindset drive him to research abstract and unconventional topics related to chemical sciences. Before entering the patent field, he was a consultant for Eidogen-Sertanty, Inc and India HQ Solution for their drug discovery platform.

He joined Verist in 2005 as a patent professional, and was responsible for delivering end-to-end patent strategies and services to his international clients and developing new pioneer services, including patent visualisation. During his tenure, he has drafted over 75 patents in diverse fields including chemicals and pharmaceuticals, health care and medical devices for various jurisdictions, including for the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and India.

He holds an MSc (biotechnology) from IIT Bombay; and a BSc (H) (chemistry), 1995 and a postgraduate diploma from IPR, ILI Delhi, 2005.

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