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Donald Manasse

Donald Manasse

Donald Manasse Law Offices

Donald Manasse has more than 20 years of experience representing victims and judicial administrators in international fraud cases with connections in Monaco, France and Italy. He has assisted in planning and implementing international asset tracing and recovery programmes for clients.

He has served as victim’s counsel in many fraud trials in France and Monaco.

Mr Manasse has been authorised as a counselor at law in Monaco since 1989 and is a member of the Bar in Nice, France where the practice was founded in 1986.

As a French lawyer, he has access to investigative files during the preliminary and ‘instruction’ procedures and appears as counsel in the criminal trials where his familiarity with international financial customs and practices is put to good use.

He has worked internationally in the pursuit and recovery of millions of dollars for creditors, trustees and receivers. Most recently Mr Manasse was instrumental in securing the arrest and conviction of an international fraudster who created his own stock exchange, and has lead a team of lawyers seeking the return of misappropriated funds.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy and schooled in the United States and France, Mr Manasse was first admitted to the Bar in New York. His cultural versatility and skills help bridge the challenges associated with international prosecutions.

Mr Manasse and his firm are the Monaco representatives of ICC FraudNet, the world’s leading asset recovery legal network.

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