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Luis F Ortiz

González Calvillo SC

Luis F. Ortiz is Of Counsel at Gonzalez Calvillo, has over 16 years of experience in compliance, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and complex tax related matters and leads the white-collar practice area at the Firm. Luis is currently leading some of the most representative corruption and money laundering investigations in Mexico and aggressive remediation plans for multinational clients in diverse industries

Likewise, he has specialized in compliance and procedures (public bidding, recourses, constitutional proceedings & administrative litigation), investigations and public procurement preventive and investigative procedures in local Federal Government.

His practice is focused on advising international and Mexican companies in anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, tax, ethics & integrity compliance; operational risks deriving from FCPA, auditing and training, FCPA internal investigations, whistleblowing management and policies; white-collar crime prevention, federal litigation and consulting for full compliance with the regulation thereof, as well as training and the design and implementation of preventive controls (i.e., policy making).

Luis has a solid tax and administrative litigation background in the private sector against tax and AML authorities, which enables him to provide comprehensive advice on his practice areas with a risk-prevention approach. Moreover, he has experience in leading investigations and conducting anti-corruption and AML assessments in Mexico, Central and South America on bribery, extortion and anti-money laundering; specializing in advising US and European subsidiaries doing business in Latin America.

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