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Firas El Samad

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Dr. El Samad holds a Doctorate degree in Economic Law from the University of Montpellier (I) – France (2000). He also holds a Masters Degree (DEA) in Competition Law and Consumer Protection from the same University (1997), a Law degree from the University of Beirut (1995) and a B.A. in political science from the American University of Beirut (1995).

Dr. El Samad is a founding partner of Zulficar and Partners. Dr. El Samad is also the Managing Partner of the Firm since 2009 and heads the Competition Law department as well as the IT and Telecommunications department and is a leading member of the Mergers and Acquisitions team within the Firm. Dr. El Samad lead the legal team negotiating on behalf of his client several major acquisitions taking place in Egypt during the last decade, among those he worked on and are here mentioned as examples: The acquisition of Suez Cement Company by Italcementi Group; The acquisition of Helwan Cement Company by Citadel Capital and then by Suez Cement Group when he acted as the transaction lawyer; The acquisition of Bank Misr-Roumania by Blom Bank; The acquisition of Bank Cairo and the Far East by Banque Audi; The acquisition of BICC Egypt by General Cables Group; The acquisition of ReadyMix Beton by Suez Cement Group; The acquisition of National Company for Glass & Crystal by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (Formerly National Bank of Development); The acquisition of the Tenth of Ramadan for Pharmaceutical Industries and Diagnostic Reagents SAE (Rameda) by Compass Capital; The acquisition of Masters Transport Service and Open Travel Service and Masters for Hotels and Touristic Services by DER Touristik Services S.L.

Dr. El Samad also helped formulating the defense strategy in several landmark competition cases and he was actively involved in drafting and reviewing competition law compliance policies and guidelines for many of his multinational and local clients. Dr. El Samad has presented several in-house seminars with the aim of promoting the culture of free competition and spreading awareness among the managers and the employees of the companies he represents. Dr. El Samad has also helped his clients negotiating IT and Telecommunications license agreements with regulators.

Dr. El Samad has taught as a lecturer at the faculty of law of the Lebanese University in Beirut between 2000 and 2007.

Dr. El Samad is currently a Board member/treasurer of APC (Association for Protection of Competition).

Dr. El Samad has several working papers and publications in the field of economic law among which we mention for example: “The “Consumer” Notion” and “Draft Amendments to the Egyptian Competition Law: Populism or Sound Policy?” published in the IBA regional publication. He also most recently wrote the Egyptian Chapters of the Merger Control Review and “Getting the deal through” publications.

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