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Juan Felipe Acosta

Juan Felipe Acosta

Olarte Moure Y Asociados SAS

Director IP Litigation Area

Areas of Practice: Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Antitrust, Advertisement, Corporate Law, Contracts, Plant Varieties, Consumer Protection, Commercial and Administrative Litigation.

Background: J.D. (2008); Specialization - Intellectual Property (2010); Specialization - Market and Economic Law (2011).

Languages: English and Spanish

He received his J.D. degree from Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Universidad del Rosario) on the year 2008 (Bogota, Colombia), having been waived from presenting all preparatory exams as a special recognition. His constant preparation is reflected on the two specializations in which he has been an alumnus, one in Intellectual Property and the other in Economic and Market Law at the same University.

He started his career with a prestigious international Law Firm in the Intellectual Property area, from which he joined OlarteMoure. He has developed successful protection strategies of Intellectual Property assets for top national and foreign companies and handles trademark portfolios covering 5 continents.

He is a permanent adviser of important companies in the areas of Corporate Law, Contracts, Antitrust and Advertisement and has successfully represented various companies in Commercial and Administrative Litigation.

Juan Felipe accompanies his professional career with academic activities: in his University he was a tutor (while being a student) and the adjunct professor of the Intellectual Property Seminar Course given to the students of the J.D. degree. Up to date, he is adjunct professor for the Civil Law course on Property at the same faculty. He has a specialized blog on Intellectual Property in Colombia named Colombia Intellectual Property.

Juan Felipe is a member of INTA, ASIPI and the Colegio de Abogados Rosaristas.

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