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Ewa Lejman

Żyglicka & Partners

Ewa has been providing advisory services to enterprises since 2006, and as a member of the Żyglicka & Partners since 2008. Thanks to the combination of her competence as a legal counsel and tax adviser, Ewa Lejman was promoted in 2014 to a partner of our law firm and is able to provide comprehensive legal and tax services to our customers. She is a responsible person in charge of the law firm’s contacts with members of Ally Law, the international association of law firms, where Żyglicka & Partners is the only member from Poland. As the major coordinator of contacts with Ally Law, she takes part in international conferences of Ally Law members. Ewa Lejman is currently a vice president and sits on the executive committee of Ally Law. The executive committee is elected by Ally Law members and is composed of prominent lawyers from around the world. Members of the Executive lead various committees and act as regional liaisons. 

Apart from her international practice, during her professional work Ewa Lejman has gained great experience in the fields of negotiations of contracts, including international contracts related to production, distribution of machines, products and sale of services connected with IoT, representation of clients before tax audit authorities and administrative courts, intellectual property law, especially in IT and new technologies market.

She is a winner of the Rising Stars competition for Lawyers as Leaders of Tomorrow 2015, fourth place in Poland and an ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship of 2014.

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