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Kyung Shik Roh

Kim & Chang

Mr. Kyung Shik Roh is an attorney at Kim & Chang.  Mr. Roh is a pivotal leading member of Kim & Chang’s Health Practice.  His practice focuses primarily on the health industry encompassing pharmaceuticals, medical device, foods, cosmetics, animal health products, crop protection, seeds, and public health care sectors.  He also advises on matters involving the construction industry, corporate governance, intellectual property, litigation, and product liability/consumer claims.


Before joining the firm, Mr. Roh served as a district court judge for 9 years.  During his tenure as a judge, he gained extensive experience in a wide range of matters in litigation.  Reflecting on his varied experience as a judge, Mr. Roh has a broad practice in civil litigation and general corporate matters at Kim & Chang.  In his civil litigation practice, Mr. Roh specializes in health care, product liability, consumer claims, and real estate.  His litigation strategies and leadership capabilities have led to the establishment of case precedents, changes to existing precedents, and adjudication from the Constitutional Court on the unconstitutionality of laws.


As a member of the firm's Litigation and Health Practice, Mr. Roh's representative work in recent years includes representing pharmaceutical companies in the civil, administrative, and FTC cases.  In particular, his representation of a major pharmaceutical company in an administrative lawsuit has established important leading precedents, including giving companies standing to sue regulators on drug pricing issues.  Thereafter, his success in around 20 drug pricing related litigation has led Mr. Roh to be recognized as the preeminent specialist in the health insurance and reimbursement pricing arena.  Furthermore, Mr. Roh’s public oral argument before the plenary session of the Supreme Court on the hotly debated issue of the legitimacy of voluntary uninsured payment for medical treatment successfully overturned existing precedent, helping to restore the medical service industry’s reputation.


In addition to Mr. Roh’s extensive litigation experience, he also has equal knowledge and experience in advising clients on issues that arise in various business situations, including investigations by government agencies, administrative measures, and disputes with distributors.


Mr. Roh received an LL.M. from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Law in 1998 and a B.A. from the College of Law, Seoul National University in 1987.  He also attended the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea in 1990.  He is admitted to the Korea bar and Korea Patent bar.

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