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Yury Panasik

Yury Panasik


Yury has over 10 years of experience in regulatory and public affairs in Russia and CIS. As a partner his responsibilities include regulatory and political risk assessment in Russia and post-Soviet states, technical regulations and Eurasian Economic Union development.

Mr Panasik advised the leading international and Russian companies on political and regulatory issues in Russia & CIS from the following sectors of economy: agriculture, FMCG, healthcare and pharma industry, IT, transport, financial markets, etc.

Before joining Kesarev Consulting, Mr Panasik was a senior analyst in the Centre for Current Politics of Russia as well as an expert in several non-governmental and analytical organisations specialised on projects in post-Soviet countries.

Yury graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Lomonosov State University of Moscow.

He participated in GR master-classes and finished special courses, including the course "Introduction of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Russia" organised by the Higher School of Economics (2013).

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