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Fernando del Castillo E

Fernando del Castillo E

Santamarina y Steta SC

Fernando Del Castillo is a specialised lawyer with more than 20 years of experience  in insolvency, civil and mercantile litigation, as well as commercial arbitration. He joined Santamarina y Steta in 1993 and became a partner in 2002.

Mr Del Castillo  has successfully participated in the highest profile restructuring cases in Mexico such as Corporación GEO, Maxcom Telecommunications and Comercial Mexicana. He has also advised, prepared and achieved for the IFC recognition of debt agreement between the IFC and URBI and HOMEX, two of Mexico’s most prominent low-income housing developers.

Mr Del Castillo was educated at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He is a member of the Consultation Committee of the Arbitration Commission of the CANACO and the Arbitration Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce.

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