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Rafael Julián Cifuentes González

Rafael Julián Cifuentes González

Saavedra Becerra Abogados S.A.S.

Rafael Cifuentes has been a junior associate at Saavedra Becerra Abogados since 2016. His practice involves public and administrative law, government procurement, infrastructure and port law, public private partnerships, insurance and liability. 

Rafael has worked in several investigation groups, the most important ones regarding human rights and corporations for Oxford University and Javeriana University, and arbitral awards in government procurement for Javeriana University and the General Attorney’s Office. He was an intern at the Council of State, where he worked in the section in charge of government procurement and state liability.

Rafael graduated as an attorney from Javeriana University in 2017. He holds a certificate in public private partnerships from the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID).
He speaks Spanish and English.


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