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Cheolhee Park

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Cheolhee Park is an attorney in the firm’s Litigation Group. Mr Park’s practice involves a variety of complex commercial litigation, with a special emphasis on securities and derivative litigation presenting issues of corporate governance.

Throughout his tenure with the firm, he has represented both Korean and international corporate clients and financial institutions in various disputes including litigation matters, criminal investigations and FSS inspections, relating to corporate law and finance issues, ie, contest for corporate control, shareholder activism, securities fraud, accounting fraud, incomplete audits, asset management, non-performing loans, bankruptcy, hostile takeovers, indemnification, and so on.

He has also advised Korean and international clients regarding various issues concerning corporate law, securities law and the code of civil and criminal procedure. In addition, he has advised the Ministry of Finance and Economy on legal issues.

Before entering into private practice, Mr. Park served as a district court judge in Seoul for four years and obtained his PhD in law from the Seoul National University in 2006.

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