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Edwin Jacobs

time.lex CVBA (Brussels)

Member of the Brussels Bar and partner at time.lex, former affiliated researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (now Centre for IT & IP law, CITIP) at the University of Leuven, and lecturer of a practical course in negotiation and mediation at the University of Antwerp. Officially accredited mediator and member of CEPANI, iTech law, International Bar Association, VOKA, VKW, Unizo, Leuven.Inc ...

Edwin read law at the university of Namur (French), Leuven (Dutch) and Norwich (UK), European law at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken (Germany), and company management at the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels.

He also has a broad experience as in-house company lawyer and is a sympathising member of the institute for company lawyers (IBJ-IJE). His varied experience and expertise make him a pragmatic sounding board for in-house lawyers.

Expertise: FinTech (including mobile wallets, virtual currency, bitcoin), contracts (negotiation, review and drafting), outsourcing (hardware, software, services), dispute resolution, (court, mediation, arbitration), electronic money, intellectual property, cloud computing, electronic invoicing and archiving, payment services, payment providers, service level agreements and outsourcing, electronic invoicing, e-banking, e-business and internet. He also has a very broad experience in distribution and franchising law, both drafting contracts and litigation.

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time.lex CVBA (Brussels)

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