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Kum-Ju Son

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Mr. Kum Ju Son is a partner lawyer at Yulchon, primarily practicing in the areas of antitrust, intellectual property, broadcasting and telecommunication, international dispute resolution and cultural industry. Mr. Son also currently serves as an outside legal advisor to the Korea Communications Commission and a member of the Administrative Adjudication Commission.

Before joining Yulchon, Mr. Son served as a judge from 2001 to early 2009 on numerous Korean courts including the Seoul Administrative Court and presided over wide range of cases including civil, criminal and administrative cases.

Mr. Son received his LLM degree from Seoul National University and served as a visiting scholar in UNC School of Law. He also completed an intellectual property research course in Waseda Graduate Law School of Japan.

Mr. Son’s publications include “An Overview of the User Protection Procedure of the Korea Communications Commission”(2010), “Research on Legal Issues regarding Unified Broadcasting and Telecommunication Law”(2009), “Research on Retransmission of Terrestrial Broadcasting by IPTV Businesses”(2009), “Research on Status of Broadcasting Operators under the Copyright Act - with Focus on Convergence of Telecommunication and Broadcasting”(2008), “Commentary on the Copyright Act - Broadcasting and Broadcasting Operators”(2007), “Research on Repair Period under Article 59(1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Housing Act”(2006), “Research on WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty and Copyright Act”(2001).

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