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Shuji Yamaguchi

Shuji Yamaguchi

Okabe & Yamaguchi

SHUJI YAMAGUCHI was qualified in 1982. He worked in Akagi Law Firm and Clyde & Co. UK. He established Okabe & Yamaguchi in 1990. He handles cargo claims, charterparty disputes, aviation claim, domestic transport claims, maritime insurance claims, litigations, arbitrations and other maritime related cases. He is a regular speaker in several international conferences, Inter Pacific Bar Association, International Union of Marine Insurance, Asian Maritime Law Conference, International Dispute Resolution Conference and Cargo Recovery Conference. He was the chair of the Maritime Law Committee from 2009 to 2011.  He is a member of the Legal Council for Ministry of Justice.

He is a co- author and contributor of “International Cargo Insurance”(Informa), “Maritime Law Handbook” ( Kluwer), “Shipping in 32 jurisdictions world wide” , “Air Transport in 37 jurisdictions worldwide”, “Hanrei Commentary of Civil Code Vol.1 General Rules” (Seirin Shoin)”, “ Yoken Jijitsu Taikei Maritime Law” (Daiichi Hoki) , “New International Jurisdiction Law from practical points of view” (Shoji Homu), “ Rotterdam Rules in Asia Pacific Region”(Shoji Homu) , “Handbook for International Multi-Modal Transport”(JIFFA) etc.

He is an arbitrator of Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission and Japan Commercial Arbitration Association.  He was a Councilor of Commercial Code (Transport and Maritime Law) for Ministry of Justice.

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