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Johannes Gasser

Johannes Gasser

Gasser Partner Attorneys at Law

Areas of practice
Corporate, litigation, tax law, white collar crime

Career to date
Dr Johannes Gasser, LLM is a partner of the law offices of Dr Dr Batliner & Dr Gasser. He owns a degree from the University of Innsbruck (Dr iur, 1995) and is an Academic expert on European law LLM (Schloss Hofen). Dr Gasser is admitted to the bar in Liechtenstein (2000) and Austria (1999). He specialises in freezing assets in Liechtenstein banks, including proceeds of crime, and piercing the veil of Liechtenstein corporations. He contributed chapters to the firm’s book on Litigation and Arbitration in Liechtenstein.

Litigation and Arbitration in Liechtenstein, 2003; Criminal Responsibility of Managers for Employees Laundering Money, 2002; Ascertaining Beneficiary Rights in Liechtenstein Family Foundation, 2002; Liechtenstein’s International Insolvency Law, 2003; Choice of Law Clauses in International Contracts, 2004; New Developments on Liechtenstein Trusts, 2004; Arbitration in Liechtenstein, 2007; Asset Protection through Liechtenstein Annuities and Life Insurance, 2007; Choice of Law Clauses, 2005; The new Foundation Law, 2008.

English, French, Spanish

Additional information
Dr Gasser is regularly appointed a member of the Judiciary Election Commission of Liechtenstein by the Prince since 2004.

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