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Gary N Horlick

Gary N Horlick

Law Offices of Gary N Horlick

Gary N. Horlick specializes in international trade and investment law. He has represented major U.S. and foreign companies and governments in disputes and negotiations (including GATT, WTO and FTA’s). He teaches international trade law at Yale, Georgetown, and the University of Berne’s World Trade Institute, served as the first Chairman of the World Trade Organization’s Permanent Group of Experts dealing with subsidies, and has chaired WTO and Mercosur dispute resolution panels.

He was responsible for the U.S. investigations of antidumping and countervailing duty complaints as well as Foreign Trade Zones and Statutory Import Programs as Head of Import Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce Import Administration and served as International Trade Counsel for the Senate Finance Committee.

He is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Cambridge University, and Yale Law School.


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