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CMS Hasche Sigle is one of the leading German commercial law firms. More than 600 lawyers serve their clients in nine major German commercial centres as well as in Brussels, Moscow and Shanghai.

CMS is the organization of independent European law and tax firms of choice for organisations based in or looking to move into Europe. CMS provides a deep local understanding of legal, tax and business issues and delivers client-focused services through a joint strategy executed locally across 29 jurisdictions with 54 offices in Western and Central Europe and beyond.

CMS was established in 1999 and today comprises ten CMS firms, employing over 2,800 lawyers and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

CMS offices and associated offices: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Aberdeen, Algiers, Antwerp, Beijing, Belgrade, Bratislava, Bristol, Bucharest, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Cologne, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Kyiv, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Lyon, Marbella, Milan, Montevideo, Moscow, Munich, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Sarajevo, Seville, Shanghai, Sofia, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Tirana, Utrecht, Warsaw and Zagreb.

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