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Soulez Larivière & Partners was founded by Daniel Soulez Larivière in 1969, and has been shaped from the outset by its passion for innovation used to better defend clients’ interests. A leading firm of criminal defence lawyers, Soulez Larivière & Associés is also recognised for its expertise in the areas of aviation law and liability. The firm has been advising and assisting its clients for almost fifty years, always with the same determination to find a solution to every problem.

The firm has a proven record of successfully handling complex, symbolic and often international criminal cases. Innovative and modern in its practice, Soulez Larivière et Associés was one of the first criminal law firms to be able to advise and defend, as early as the 2000’s, alongside American colleagues, a French company in its discussions with the American Department of Justice (DoJ) until the signature of a defered prosecution agreement (DPA).

As a pioneer in the field of "negotiated justice", the firm now deals with many cases involving transnational proceedings in corruption and influence peddling cases. The Firm assists its clients to handle multiple proceedings in different states and develops concerted defence strategies with the support of foreign colleagues.

The firm’s approach to its defence work is firmly anchored in the core values of independence, integrity and a commitment to serve and defend its clients, combined with a constant focus on ethics.

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