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Portilla, Ruy-Díaz y Aguilar, SC

Portilla Ruy-Díaz y Aguilar SC (PR&A) is the result of the union of a group of experienced lawyers who, motivated to create a firm of specialists in several areas of the law and aware of the needs of a market ever more demanding of more personalised, practical, effective and fairly-priced comprehensive services, combined their talent, skills and enthusiasm to establish this firm, so as to offer and provide comprehensive services in gaming, corporate, real estate, contracts, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, commercial and civil litigation, consumer protection, arbitration, risk-preventive consulting, labour (both individual and collective), tax litigation and consulting, foreign trade, immigration, transportation, bankruptcy, administrative law and relief proceedings areas.

PR&A’s primary values are, among others, to build a close and lasting relationship with each client, in order to provide comprehensive legal services, with perseverance and commitment to teamwork, to accomplish the best and most effective, fairly priced and competitive results in accordance with our clients’ needs, commensurate to the benefit received. Our goal is to find adequate solutions for each and every one of our clients’ needs, firstly and fore mostly striving to avoid any conflicts or risks in their daily operations or, as the case may be, to satisfactorily resolve, prevent and protect our clients’ interests.

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