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Okabe & Yamaguchi was established in 1990. It has 10 lawyers who handle any maritime claims including cargo claim, chaterparty dispute, collision and salvage, oil pollution, maritime insurance, aviation, land transport, ship arrest, shipbuilding contract and all kinds of disputes resolution. Hiroki Okabe, Shuji Yamaguchi, Takehiko Tozuka, Teruyuki Sago, Teishi Aizawa, Katsuya Tsuda, Yutaka Akatsuka, Shinichi Takano, Takashi Hongo and Toshihiro Nii are lawyers. Masato Tanigawa, an ex-master mariner, is in charge of the research and investigation of any maritime accidents. In The Legal 500, Okabe & Yamaguchi is described as one of the biggest shipping law firms in Japan and ranked at the top layer. It states ‘Clients recommend Hiroki Okabe. Shuji Yamaguchi is an extremely experienced shipping lawyer.’

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