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ELZABURU, with a history going back over 150 years (Estab.1865), is an international multidisciplinary firm specialising in personalized professional services regarding Intellectual and Industrial Property and ICT, having the purpose of furnishing advice, protecting and defending the intangible assets of its clients that result from their R&D&I.

ELZABURU has a heterogeneous team of professional practitioners made up by: chemists, biologists, biotechnologists, industrial and civil engineers, physicists and lawyers. 9 of these are European Patent Attorneys (EQE) and 18 are European Trademark Attorneys.

Our purpose is to assist our clients throughout the development, protection and defence of their innovation and creations, by offering a comprehensive legal/registration, technical, contractual and litigation advisory service for intellectual and industrial property and information technology.

The vision of our lawyers, engineers, chemists, biotechnologists and other professionals allows us to have the necessary professional and business focus to meet the needs of clients in all walks of business.

Our Firm's professionals receive ongoing support from an administrative team with broad experience in industrial property matters both inside and outside Spain. ELZABURU also has an in-house team of native translators of different nationalities. In all, our Firm has 164 full-time employees, including the following:

42 lawyers, 16 engineers, chemists, 7 doctors, 13 university professors, 9 European Patent Attorneys (EQE), 18 IP agents PI, 4 WIPO arbitrators.

ELZABURU has a network of offices and branches to ensure proper management of its clients' IP rights and other intangible assets.

ELZABURU has offices in: Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona and Beijing.

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