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NautaDutilh is an international law firm practising Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourg and Dutch Caribbean law. The firm was founded in 1724 and is one of the largest independent firms in Europe. We have about 400 lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisers, spread across offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, New York and Rotterdam.

Age is just a number. So we understand that when you are selecting a law firm, its founding date is not as important as its ability to deliver the goods on time, in tiptop shape and for the right price. But if a law firm has been doing just that for almost 300 years, that longevity really says something. It tells the story of NautaDutilh.

It means that we have been able to successfully tackle our clients' issues throughout four centuries. It means that we know what it takes to adjust to an ever-changing world. And it means that our lawyers can stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, with confidence in their ability to face today's and tomorrow's challenges.

What has kept us relevant is adaptive thinking. Combining mental agility, flexibility and creativity, adaptive thinking is about being able to respond to your environment, digest information and apply different methods and perspectives so the best solution can emerge out of the different ideas and insights.

We live and breathe all the key elements of adaptive thinking on a daily basis, retaining the best of the old, embracing the new and – together with our clients –moving forward.

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