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Created in 1994 by Thierry Afschrift, Afschrift law firm brings together lawyers with extensive knowledge in every field of tax law in the widest sense of the term.

All their lawyers share the same values. They fully understand the importance of adopting a global vision in every situation, in response to queries from our clients on the management of their professional businesses or their private assets. They also know that the success of their interventions depends upon speed, efficiency and confidentiality.

Aware of the increasing internationalisation of their clients’ private and professional activities and of the complex nature of their taxation matters, they have opened offices at Antwerp, Madrid, Geneva, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.  

The three basic pillars of Afschrift’s philosophy are:

  • its approach: the vision of the relations between the lawyer and his client that our firm has adopted;
  • its commitment: an inner conviction of the importance of defending the taxpayer before the state; and
  • itsvalues: the strong ethical principles that underpin the everything that it does.

The recent tightening of tax law and the increasing intransigence of the tax authorities nowadays is placing the taxpayer at a high level of risk.

It is vital to consider carefully the taxation aspects of any transaction, whether it concerns:

  • the structuring of assets;
  • inheritance planning;
  • preparing for a merger or acquisition:
  • the legal structure of a company; and
  • day-to-day management of company business.

The lawyers in the Afschrift law firm provide their clients with expert knowledge about structuring their assets. In every one of these areas advice on tax implications is automatically given. To this end, they draw as much on their own thorough knowledge of the law and jurisprudence as they do on their experience of settling disputes with taxation authorities. Their objective is always the same: to provide their clients with advice that is completely tailored to their situations in order to ensure the best possible legal security for their transactions.

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