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Since 2001, Żyglicka & Partners has been one of the biggest and most professional law firms in Poland. Our team is composed of experienced lawyers whose specialisations are best suited to projects we carry out.

 As a company that meets top legal service standards, in April 2013 we became a member of Ally Law. We offer our clients professional legal assistance in their international transactions and projects, as well as in the search and verification of new business partners from around the world, and we advise foreign clients in conducting their interests in Poland.

We are the only law firm in Silesia that is an authorised adviser of the NewConnect Market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

For a number of years our law firm has developed a number of legal specialisations. Each of our employees has comprehensive knowledge in general legal issues and, at the same time, specialises in several fields of law.

Our team comprises people with economic and technical education, an MBA diploma, tax adviser qualifications and an Authorised NewConnect Market Advisor. Our managing partner is an experienced economist who supports and oversees legal services in legal and business projects.

We are top of our field in project activities, which we commence from the precise definition of a goal and a business effect expected by our client. To guarantee top legal service quality, each project team has a mentor, who is one of eight partners in the firm.

Our activity is not limited to classic legal services, as we often work with consulting companies, certified auditors, tax advisers, patent attorneys and specialists in various fields of industry, trade and services, including IT.

Thanks to our diverse and complementary staff, we are able to look at each case from a wider perspective and to comprise perfectly qualified lawyers and specialists in economics with extensive experience in cooperation with business entities. We are open to new challenges and committed to each project to the highest level.

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