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PGLaw is a law firm focused on Corporate Governance.  Our lawyers have majored in the most prestigious law schools and have previous experience in leading national and international law firms, government agencies, as well as academic leadership in corporate governance worldwide.  Our globally-minded team has substantial cross-border experience, which enables us to face challenging matters regarding cross-border transactions and international litigation.

We want PGLaw to be an institution, greater than ourselves.  To achieve that goal, we opted to break with some walls that kept law firms from generating synergies between lawyers, clients and society.  Internally, we broke the division between the legal and administrative staff.  We do not detach ourselves from our clients by putting ourselves in the position of an external advisor.  We understand their business and envision ourselves as part of their legal department, committing to their success and adopting the safest and most widespread communication technologies to bridge the distance between all involved.  Our independence comes from knowledge about our clients’ needs, not from distance.  We achieve integration into our community, by becoming a full part of the academic environment, providing strategic pro bono work, legislative assistance and ground-breaking legal services to public interest organizations and the government.                                    

PGLaw was the first law firm specialized in corporate governance in Brazil, the first to provide services on business and human rights, the first to provide consumer compliance programs.  We represent a limited group of clients that receive dedicated attention on a tailor-made basis. With our work, we aim at adding value to our clients and to society, becoming the source for legal change and not only trailing legislative transformation.

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