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Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

Mattos Filho is structured to provide services to clients in different legal areas in a coordinated and integrated manner, working in multidisciplinary teams whenever necessary. This work dynamic allows the firm to deliver tailor-made solutions to their clients, thereby enhancing the understanding of their business and making them a valuable partner. Mattos Filho is a leader in more than 30 different practice areas and works continuously to ensure that all these practices are benchmarks for the market. Creation of industry groups and market niches, combined with their comprehensive knowledge of the market and their clients’ business needs, are examples of their efforts to keep them at the forefront in providing legal services. They represent domestic and foreign companies, financial institutions, investors, multilateral agencies, investment funds, pension funds, insurers, reinsurers, and non-profit organisations.   

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