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With more than twenty-five years of experience, Tobar ZVS SPINGARN has gained an incomparable reputation in the mining industry. This notable experience has allowed our clients to count on advice in all ambits of the mining industry, without worrying about the phase, whether it is exploration, development or exploitation of the project.

Likewise, we have an experienced team in public procurement and infrastructure development. We represent both national and international clients in the private and public sectors, which perform projects with the government and municipalities, participating in public bids and tenders, public-private partnerships (PPP). The complexity of infrastructure projects requires innovative legal help, and we understand that our clients trust our Firm to foresee problems and provide an effective and efficient cost from a fiscal point of view, within the appropriate amount of time.

Our value proposition is innovative in the legal profession for various reasons. Under our policy «only do what we do best», we integrate a network of professionals who are the best in their respective area so that the client only has one point of contact with all of the necessary elements to make strategic decisions.

“We are committed to excellence in the Natural Resources, Energy and Infrastructure Unit. Our success is closely related to the success of the client. Our value proposition is innovative, as we have managed to integrate solutions that go beyond typical legal advice, which include all of the critical angles that all companies face, including aspects related to corporate social responsibility, strategic communication and sustainable development”. Cesar ZUMARRAGA, Lead Partner.

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