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Ökke Hekim is Turkey’s first and sole law firm providing high quality legal advice and service in the field of art law. Ökke Hekim provide legal services to its clients; to create and maintain healthy relationships and find solutions to their “art-specific” legal disputes and matters. Our team, being highly experienced in all kind of legal issues and Turkish legislation surrounding the art market, offers creative, effective and fast solutions for the necessities of individuals and profit/non profit organizations. Ökke Hekim also aim to contribute the healthy growth of art market with its professional approach on legal disputes and matters. We ensure our clients’ interests and help them to maximize efficiency from their investments, time and abilities with our delicate and comprehensive services particular to art.

 Ökke Hekim preliminary provide services for following local and international legal disputes and matters;

  • “Sale-purchase” process of work of art;
  • Profit or non-profit, corporate or independent art organizations ordinary course of business in every process;
  • Work of art’s creation, displaying and the next processes;
  • Work of art’s shipping and storage and insurance
  • Heirs of work of art and all other art related actors’ art-specific issues
  • Litigation processes related with art.
  • Recovery of stolen work of art
  • Art crimes; including fraud, fakes, money laundering, art theft, and vandalism
  • Cultural property ownership and issues including spoliation and restitution.
  • Disputes of art ownership/third part claims
  • Legal issues of auctions including third party claims and auctioneers rights and responsibilities;

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