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Established in 1933, Markides, Markides & Co. is a prominent name in Cyprus with a reputation rooted in time-honoured strengths: a deep understanding of the law and the highest ethical standards. Some decades after its establishment, the Firm was reinvigorated and modernised, steering it towards growth and shaping its development, while preserving its distinct culture. Throughout the expansion of the Firm in the 1980s and 1990s, by a merger with the Law Office of John Spanopoulos, dependable leadership coupled with strategic vision allowed us to stay at the forefront of a business landscape that was becoming increasingly global. When the former Attorney General, Mr. Alecos Markides, joined as Legal Consultant and Partner in 2003, it further enhanced our core competences and bolstered our efforts in the face of far-reaching changes triggered by the accession of Cyprus to the European Union. In January 2012, Markides, Markides & Co has become a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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