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Kadasa Intellectual Property (Kadasa IP)

Kadasa was founded 30 years ago by the renowned Saudi attorney Nassir Ali Kadasa in Riyadh, the Saudi Capital, under Associated Patent Attorneys. Mr Kadasa has the distinction of being the first Saudi attorney to prosecute and win an infringement lawsuit on behalf of a foreign entity against a national infringer.

Kadasa IP embraces a tradition of providing quality service and provides filing through registration or grant of trademarks, patents, domain names and copyrights. We provide maintenance and protection services for all forms of intellectual property rights. IP rights protection and enforcement is the major area of our strength and constitutes a sizable part of our practice. Technology transfer agreements and other IP-related matters are also provided to our clients by our specialised team of attorneys and experts affiliated with our firm.

We provide the full range of IP services required by our clients to develop, implement and continually revise an IP strategy, from the implementation of global enforcement strategies, to the provision of commercial IP services and IP acquisition and maintenance services. We currently represent approximately 1,400 clients managing work in over 180 countries. Long standing clients include many of the world's foremost IP owners.

Kadasa has a tradition of providing quality service. We value our client’s requirements and efficiently manage, meeting deadlines, accurate responding, timely reporting, swift attending to client’s instructions and providing discreet advice. While assuring quality, our attorneys and paralegals are inculcated with important considerations such as cost effectiveness, candidness and promptness. To help our clients centralise their IP work we have created a network of associations in the Gulf region and entire Middle East.

Our multi-lingual skills set covers professionals from engineering, telecommunication, information technology, medical technology, intellectual property law, portfolio management and shariah law. 

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