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Our philosophy is to provide an integrated range of services focusing on all aspects of competition law, regulatory policy, state aid and compliance. In order to maximise our goals, we rely solely on the legal and economic analysis and expertise. Our services are especially designed to guide companies, professional associations, legal counsels, accounting firms, independent regulatory authorities, public sector and consumer associations in issues such us antitrust, merger control, state aid, regulatory policy, consumer protection, commercial litigation, application for interim measures, damages and liabilities and compliance DRAS-IS, specialises in all fields of national and European competition law and provides a blend of legal and analysis in order to provide the best-suited and more effective solution to its clients. Our significant experience from the Hellenic Competition Commission and the European Commission allows us to provide a sophisticated and specialised range of services. Our team, comprising lawyers and economists, jointly employ law and economic theory, grounded in a thorough understanding of the market, to provide a full range of theoretical and empirical legal and economic analysis and testimony in matters involving mergers and acquisitions, antitrust litigation, regulatory and competition policy. We analyse the entire range of legal and economic issues that arise in antitrust cases, including market definition, market dynamics, entry conditions, pricing, single firm conduct, agreements and profitability. Our team assesses and testifies to the economic merits of allegations of anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions, foreclosure and exclusionary conduct, horizontal and vertical restraints, monopolisation and abuse of dominant position, and collusion. 

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