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SK Chambers is an independent firm serving as regulatory advisors in key regulatory areas – the full spectrum of competition laws, data protection & cybersecurity, key fraud and securities laws.

Our concentration on competition law has allowed us to develop expertise in areas that require strong economic analysis as well as highly regulated sectors such as communications and multimedia and insurance where regulations namely licensing, access regulation, pricing and consumer protection rules define competition in these sectors. Our assignments in these sectors have allowed us to be constantly engaging with regulators about developments in the sector, acquiring knowledge that enables us to think ahead about how these industries will shape, and be shaped, by the law.

This niche focus has allowed us to commit substantial resources and time to our clients when handling large and complex review exercises or regulatory investigations as ‘external-in house support’ and ‘preferred partner’ for companies and law firms those that do not have internal antitrust expertise.

SK Chambers is particularly visible in disputes and defence work concerning regulatory investigations in competition law matters.

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