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Malheiros Filho, Meggiolaro & Prado - Advogados

Malheiros Filho, Meggiolaro & Prado - Advogados founded in 1984 and is a law firm providing legal representation and counseling services in the field of criminal law. Its practice covers a wide range of subjects involving police and administrative authorities, the state and federal judiciary branches, and Higher National Courts.

The office, staffed by professionals with broad experience and intensive professional activity, is dedicated to offering personalised and interactive attention to each client, it has a small team of attorneys able to identify individual requirements and provide the most efficient advice.

Malheiros Filho, Meggiolaro & Prado is a law firm which specialises in different fields of Criminal Law. The office has a remarkable practice in legal advising and representation in private investigations (Compliance), tax frauds, press and advertising crimes, copyright crimes, crimes of libel, environmental crimes, information technology crimes, corporate crimes, criminal consumer law, criminal violations in public biddings, electoral crimes, crimes against the public administration.

The firm has a history of representing leaders of various sectors of the economy, both in Brazil and abroad, particularly in the following segments: Commercial banks (both retail conglomerates and boutiques), investment banks, stockbrokers, securities dealers, factoring companies, institutional investors and stock exchanges, car making, mining, metallurgy and civil construction industries (including public works) and their input, chemical and pharmaceutical, electrical and electronics, agribusiness, food and beverages, paper and pulp industries, retail and wholesale companies, transportation, telecommunications, ideia technology and software companies, publishing houses and printers, advertising agencies, consulting firms. City Councillors, State Representatives, Congressmen and Senators of the Republic, mayors, State Governors before, during or after their terms of office, presidents of the Republic, during their term of office or before, Ministers of State, lawyers, law professors, public prosecutors, judges and Appelate Court Justices.

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