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Aronson, Ronkin-Noor, Eyal Law Firm

The law firm Aronson, Ronkin-Noor, Eyal, was established in 2015 by Alan Aronson, Adv., Orna Ronkin-Noor, Adv. and Lyat Eyal, Adv. who had been colleagues at Alon Kaplan Law Firm for more than 10 years. Collectively, they were with Alon Kaplan Law Firm for over 20 years. As Alon Kaplan Law Firm ceased its business activities, Alan, Orna and Lyat established a new firm and are maintaining the level of services, expertise, knowledge, experience and professionalism provided by Alon Kaplan Law Firm.

Aronson, Ronkin-Noor, Eyal Law Firm serves clients from Israel, Europe and the Americas in the areas of private client practice, estate planning, private banking, commercial activities and international taxation in these areas. The firm also has significant expertise in the area of complex real estate transactions, including those involving trust structures.

The firm advises private and corporate clients, as well as professionals, including lawyers, accountants, financial professionals and trustees, on the transnational management of financial assets, estate planning, business issues and related taxation matters.

The firm also provides legal services to foreign corporations and entities seeking to set up operations in Israel via subsidiaries or branches, or through contractual arrangements with local entities, including advice on employment law issues that are unique to the Israeli legal system. In addition, the firm provides Israeli companies and individuals, with legal advice on a wide range of commercial activities overseas. This includes drafting commercial contracts with international companies, setting up legal structures and trusts in foreign jurisdictions and related international tax planning.

Alan, Orna and Lyat continue to maintain their extensive international network of affiliated firms and agents in the UK, the US, Switzerland, Germany, Panama and other jurisdictions in Europe and the Americas.

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