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Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss is a globally recognised litigation boutique specialising in international financial disputes, financial compliance, white-collar defence and investigations, insurance and reinsurance advice and representation, Intellectual Property, and cross-border commercial litigation.

Our lawyers have a well-deserved international reputation for exceptional litigation prowess and resourceful problem-solving in high-profile matters — from the world’s largest bank insolvency (BCCI) to Reconstruction and Renewal at Lloyd’s, from a billion-dollar RICO judgment to the largest fraud in the history of the Middle East, from a string of product liability defence verdicts to representation of London Market Insurers in their most challenging problems for 30 years.

While we are a leading national and international litigation firm, we are more agile, cost effective and client-oriented than the vast legal behemoths in fashion today. We also have fewer conflicts, freeing us to act for our clients in virtually all of their matters, regardless of the opponent.

Thanks in large part to our skills as tough, thorough and experienced litigators, we can often achieve our clients’ goals through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, without the expense of going to trial. We counsel clients on ways to minimise litigation risks and costs and we work with clients to develop realistic budgets so that the costs of litigation can be anticipated and managed like other business expenses. We have extensive experience with litigation funding, which has made it possible for several of our clients to aggressively pursue meritorious litigation against deep-pocketed adversaries.

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