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BTS & Partners is the leading law firm in the sectors where technology plays a key role in operations. Over the past 15 years, the vision of BTS & Partners has been to assist its clients with navigating their way through their business’ technological transformation. Today’s businesses are disrupted by the digital technologies and each economic actor in the global economy should be adopting digital technologies’ benefits and realities into their current operations and outlook. In order to achieve its vision, BTS & Partners closely follows the regulatory developments not only in Turkey, but also the EU and the US.

BTS & Partners is the only law firm that has specific expertise and experience in the field of technology in Turkey, and is the market leader on regulations on several matters in this regard. This vision provides an advantage which allows BTS & Partners to differentiate its services from other law firms. Alongside its close following of the international regulatory developments, such NGO and academic activities enables BTS & Partners to have an awareness level of the upcoming regulations in Turkey and allows the firm to quickly adapt its service scale to meet the needs of clients under the new regulatory regime. BTS & Partners is flexible about diversifying its services to create innovative service lines for its clients.

Considering that technology plays a key role in almost every sector, the clientele scale of BTS & Partners has increased enormously in recent years and the demands of clients have expanded to practice areas other than ICT and regulatory advice and hired a strong employment and corporate law team led by a partner in early 2015. With this expansion in services, the profile of BTS & Partners with its clients and facilitated more work by qualifying the firm as one of general practice.

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