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Solórzano Carvajal González y Pérez-Correa SC

Founded in 1995, SOLCARGO is a top-tier law firm in Mexico, with a highly qualified, internationally educated team with working experience in tier 1 law firms across the world. Our team is capable of implementing efficient legal solutions, while taking into consideration our clients’ business rationale.

SOLCARGO performs corporate engagements for Fortune 500, large multinational companies, ambitious middle market and emerging growth companies, and capital market participants including public and private investment organisations, investment banks, commercial lenders and other financial institutions. We are recognised as a leader in the private equity, venture capital, Chapter XI NAFTA Arbitration, litigation, mediation, bankruptcy, IP and pharmaceutical industries.

SOLCARGO adopts a multidisciplinary approach in counseling its clients and draws upon the firm’s unparalleled resources, including creation of firm-wide task forces to address important industry and topical client needs

SOLCARGO has extensive and proven experience in real estate law, advising clients on tourism and tourism resorts, as well as industrial, commercial and medical developments. Our participation is reflected in all phases of real estate development.

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