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We are experts in Mexico. We know how to develop strategic solutions that produce successful results for our clients, whom we consider our business partners. We make their challenges our own by understanding their environment and that of the local situation, culture and Mexican laws. This is our seal of quality and excellence.

We are a one-stop shop with the capacity to offer legal services in more than 30 practice areas, ensuring reliable, multidisciplinary, integrated and comprehensive approaches.

As the leading Mexico-focused law firm, Santamarian y Steta aids national and international clients pave their way inside the country. Through an efficient network of international contacts, our firm represents local and foreign clients in all kinds of transactions, which enables Santamarina y Steta to identify the work style and philosophies of investors and professionals from all over the world and shape their efforts to customise solutions. The firm further interacts with diverse attorneys and their legal systems, in all kinds of legal matters.

Insertion into the global economy has led Santamarina y Steta to develop strong alliances with independent firms in more than 60 countries. These alliances are distinguished by the high-quality standards of their members who are experts in their business community and have a thorough knowledge of local authorities, practices and laws.

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