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At Claeys & Engels, we offer a full range of legal services in all areas concerning human resources. We like to think that what sets us apart is how we partner with our clients and accomplish results that matter to our client's business.

Our office is the first specialist law firm offering a full service to both national and international clients on all aspects of human capital. In view of the growing internationalisation of the economy, Claeys & Engels is actively participating in a specialist international alliance, Ius Laboris.

We offer a personalized service in view of what our clients want. This can be a memo with legal references, a short confirmation by e-mail or a second opinion via phone.

With a large team of specialized HR lawyers in six different offices across Belgium, we are where you need us to be. And as a founding member of Ius Laboris, we offer HR law services for cross-border legal issues in all major jurisdictions.

It's the results with our clients that best illustrate why Claeys & Engels is the Belgian reference for a full approach towards HR law. Combining a large client database with the shared experiences of over 80 lawyers, we can offer you an unbeatable source of knowledge, experience and best practice in HR in a broad range of industries.

HR law is what we do and what we know best. We put our knowledge and experience at your service to achieve real results. Our approach is pragmatic.


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