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Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP is a nationally recognised communications, information technology, international investment/national security, legal and government ethics, and litigation law firm. The firm’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, investors, trade associations, and non-profit organisations. As former senior government officials, federal prosecutors, Congressional counsel and experienced litigators, HWG lawyers advise their clients on how government decision makers think, how legal and political institutions work in the real world, and how those institutions can affect a transaction or business plan.

HWG solves the most difficult legal and regulatory challenges. Regulatory obstacles and legal problems have become ever more complex. Companies seeking to introduce new technologies or invest in new opportunities often face interrelated legal challenges in multiple jurisdictions. Success requires a prudent counsellor who understands the industry, who is also a seasoned advocate who knows and is known by decision-makers. In some cases, success may depend upon strong courtroom advocacy. But rarely, if ever, will success depend on the number of lawyers hired.

This is where HWG excels. When the stakes are high, it’s crucial to receive knowledgeable, experienced legal advice right from the start, from a firm that can support you in business planning, government approvals, and litigation. Our lawyers have the skills, experience and concentrated knowledge to solve complicated legal problems in a way that makes business sense and mitigates risk.

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