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ADR International Limited (ADRIL) was set up by Mr Norris Yang in 2002 to provide neutrals (arbitrators, mediators, experts, neutrals) and advise clients on the most cost-effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process for their particular dispute.

Disputes handled by ADRIL exceed several hundred million US dollars.

ADRIL consults with companies and governments to review their complaints and dispute handling processes, design and implement ADR policies and procedures with a goal to resolving disputes more efficiently and effectively coupled with a strategy to prevent, avoid or minimise the negative effects of complaints and disputes.

ADRIL was a co-author of the ADR Manual and ADR Handbook for the Environment Transport Works Bureau of the Hong Kong government.

ADRIL has been contracted by the government of Hong Kong to train over 1,000 senior civil servants on dispute resolution and by the government of Macau to train their senior government officials as mediators. Since 2009, ADRIL has trained more than 300 senior civil servants, lawyers, judges and business leaders to be mediators in Macau.

ADRIL has conducted dozens of mediator training courses in both English and Chinese (of 40 hours) in Hong Kong and Macau. The courses conducted in Hong Kong are all accredited and approved by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and since 2013 by the Hong Kong Mediator Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL).

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