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ADR International Limited (ADRIL) was founded by Norris Yang in 2002 with a vision to provide a comprehensive alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform to serve the community, businesses, institutions, governments and law firms.

Our mission is to promote efficient and cost-effective ADR solutions and to assist our clients to prevent and resolve disputes.

ADRIL can provide and appoint mediators and arbitrators for mediations and arbitrations. we also have negotiators, experts and neutrals for other ADR processes and to advise clients on the best strategies to resolve complaints, conflicts and disputes.

Our negotiation and consultancy services for businesses assist them to design and implement practical systems to efficiently deal with complaints and disputes to avoid litigation or arbitration. Our experts can also advise clients during the dispute process in collaboration with their legal advisers.

ADRIL have provided accredited mediator training to hundreds of legal and business professionals, professors, senior civil servants and judges. We have also been providing a wide range of bespoke negotiation and ADR training courses to businesses, governments, schools and professional associations.

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