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CONCILIA is a company of professionals experienced in handling civil and commercial negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other ADR (alternative dispute resolution) techniques.

Founded in 1999, CONCILIA is considered one of the national and international best-known and respected company in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Before the company was formed, some members were already active in the ADR since 1997.

CONCILIA is a company made up of academics, lawyers, accountants, experts in training and marketing that, after having gained considerable experience in theory and practice in England and the United States, have begun to work together, providing innovative training and consultancy services in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

The CONCILIA's experts are all experienced negotiators, mediators and arbitrators of national and international reputation, with several hundred conciliation, mediation and arbitration cases conducted in Italy and abroad.

Over the past 18 years CONCILIA has contributed greatly, working with top professionals to create the history of the ADR system in Italy.

The professionalism of the CONCILIA's experts is chosen, for over 10 years, by major groups, companies, lawyers, notaries, accountants, governments, chambers of commerce, ministries, universities.

The negotiation and mediation techniques managed by the CONCILIA experts, used for more than a decade, have trained and continue to train several hundred professionals every year, in negotiation, conciliation, mediation, arbitration, strategic communication and effective management and prevention of conflicts.

CONCILIA's mediators and conciliators manage many hundreds of mediations and conciliations every year, also of significantly high value.

CONCILIA's professionals and partners have unquestioned and exemplary professional preparation, credibility and reputation, as evidenced by the numerous attendance, as mediators, associates, members, affiliates, partners of networks, associations, centres, working groups on ADR in Italy and abroad.

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