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AKSET was established in 2010 by four experienced Indonesian lawyers: Arfidea Dwi Saraswati, Mohamad Kadri, Johannes C. Sahetapy-Engel and Abadi Abi Tisnadisastra, with the vision of creating an international caliber Indonesian law firm. We are Indonesians with international experience, which is why we call ourselves “Your International Local Counsel.”

We have grown to a team of 42 lawyers, including a Japanese advisor who is seconded from MORI HAMADA & MATSUMOTO in Tokyo.

Our partners and our firm have been recognized for numerous international and national awards and recognitions in their fields.

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Abadi Tisnadisastra Abdillah S Tadjoedin Adhitya Ramadhan Alfa Dewi Setiawati Filza Adwani Michael Darari Mohamad Kadri Prihandana Suko Prasetyo Adi Richie Maureen

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