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LawFed BRSA with Danovi & Giorgianni

LawFed BRSA with Danovi & Giorgianni deals regularly with international arbitration and litigation. The firm represents large national and multinational corporations and foreign governments. The firm has acted in large international construction projects like projects for very large residential and commercial buildings, dams and highways in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, in multi fora disputes, in joint ventures, in mergers and dismissals and corporate litigation. It has founded the group of firms LawFed which aims to cover the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It uses English, French, German and Spanish. The firm assists Italian clients abroad and foreign clients, in Italy. This has allowed it to understand much better the problems for clients in transnational and international disputes. The firm has argued, inter alia, special and largely debated issues such as the applicability to stock acquisitions of claims for lower value of the value of the sold company under sales of goods, oppositions to capricious calls of guarantees on demand, subsoil surprises, the role of the Engineer in construction contracts as agent of the owner, the right of a party not to perform if the opposite party has not performed. As to trial it is a paladin of the full right of a party to call evidence and to examine witnesses without undue interference.

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