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In a time of significant structural change in the legal profession in Australia, when many firms are going through mergers and international alliances, Addisons has focused upon quality rather than quantity. Addisons presents a different model; a model which has proven attractive to large international brand names as well as iconic Australian companies.

The Addisons gaming and gambling practice of the firm is a cornerstone of our business-orientated practice where we deliver solutions to clients that are not just technically correct but also commercially practical.

We have advised Australian and international clients on a variety of projects ranging from major M&A transactions to complex advice on the increasingly regulated Australian gambling sector.

We also assist gambling operators establishing business in Australia through providing all of the areas of legal advice that any business may require, from commercial agreements to employment advice, from property matters to consumer law compliance. All of this has been provided under the management of our gambling team headed by Jamie Nettleton.

Addisons practice areas include:

  • Competition/Antitrust
  • Corporate Mergers and Acquisition
  • Employment
  • Gaming and Gambling
  • Intellectual Property and Media
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Property, Planning and Environment

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