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In general: Neither can we nor wish we boast being a “full service firm”, merely a small and efficient firm, 100 % committed to the proverb that who serves best, he profits most.

Professional: Experience, for more than 30 years of Commercial and Corporate Law, incl. IPRs and Taxation. Special areas include Sales, Distributorship, Agency, Licensing, Franchising, and Dispute Resolution. In particular, familiar with the Scandinavian and Nordic legal environment, with excellent connections to officials and authorities.

Goal: Sooner the pilot on the fly-bridge than the saviour, or bankruptcy receiver. Advising counsel and negotiator, but also prepared, where need be, to assist, aid, plead and litigate.

Means: Smoothness and easiness; adroitness and smartness. No big fuss about small things; spare your ammunition for thorough preparation and vigorous elaboration of big and important matters.

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