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COMAD is a firm founded almost 50 years ago, in 1965.  Originally established as a general practice and litigation law firm, in the mid-80s, it started to focus on infrastructure projects and public procurement procedures thanks to very relevant government clients such as the Federal Commission of Electricity, the National Commission of Water and the Senate of the Republic. Later on, it became one of the leading and most respected  boutique law firms in the areas of public construction, energy, water, oil and public procurement.

In the past 20 years, COMAD has participated as a counsellor of major infrastructure Mexican, European and  American companies in projects related to: water, sewage, energy (transmission lines, substations, plants and distribution), oil and petrochemicals, as well as infrastructure projects in the health sector (hospitals), transportation (highways, and subway transportation systems), among many others.

Although a national law firm, its international experience in projects related to health, highways and transmission lines, among others, complemented by a strong relationships with law firms all around the world, have given COMAD a particular position in the global market.

COMAD is a founding member of CONSTRULEGAL, the alliance of leading and specialised construction law firms for the Americas, with current members in USA, Peru, Brazil and México and best friends in Central and South America (Colombia, Chile).

COMAD works in three areas: (i) Specialisation, (ii) ethical conduct and (iii) personal attention, explained as follows: Clients of the firm can know that the firm will only attend cases that the firm knows that can handle with experience and background; that the firm will never incur into any situation that can jeopardise the client´s situation  from an ethical point of view, and that partners of the firm will be the key contact points of the client, assuring the best personalised quality services. 

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