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Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC

Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C., one of the leading business law firms in Greece, provides a wide range of specialized legal services to both domestic and international clients.

A full-service business law firm, organized in specialist practice groups, Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. traces its origins in the 1930s to the “Simitis Law Firm”, aptly balancing the long-standing expertise with a fresh approach to the constantly changing business and legal environment.

In-depth knowledge of the law and a thorough understanding of the business and technological environment enable Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C. to navigate effectively through legal complexities and deliver results tailored to its clients' individual needs and consistent to their business objectives. Its commitment to excellence, personalized and proactive service, global perspective and unique insight, constitute the backbone of its quality services and solid advice that shield its clients and enhance their business activity.

At Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C., we share a distinct philosophy, based on continuous improvement and delivering added value to our clients.

At Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C., we are agile and proactive in helping our clients adapt to the ever evolving business and economic environment, limit damaging consequences and find new opportunities. We learn our clients' business. We are all too well aware that good lawyering requires a sound knowledge of our clients' business environment, markets and technologies. Our work has proven that, within the constant changes of modern globalized economy, good legal counsel has a tactical and strategic value and can make the difference between failure and success.

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